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  • Suzuki violin, cello, and piano instruction in Jersey City and Warren, NJ – age 3 and up
  • Weekly individual lessons or Pre-Twinkle group and parent class
  • Musicianship and ensemble classes (Jersey City only)
  • Performance opportunities
  • See also – Suzuki Association of the Americas

Why Study Music?

Music is science, math, language, culture, athletics, and art!  The learning process enhances brain development, helps to build perseverance and confidence, and over time creates a new channel for self-expression and relating to others.

Mengwei Shen has played various instruments for many years and enjoys leading children and their parents in creating memorable experiences through Suzuki and music education. In addition to training as a Suzuki teacher (Every Child Can!, Suzuki Principles in Action, Violin Units 1-7, Violin Teaching Strategies, Cello Units 1-4, Dalcroze for Suzuki Teachers), Mengwei has studied Kodály methodology at New York University, played in the Metropolitan Orchestra of New Jersey and the New Jersey City University Orchestra, and arranged classical and contemporary ensemble music for church youth musicians. In the Before time, her performing group of students age 4 years and up could be seen throughout the year delighting audiences at parks, plazas, and other places. After an initial career in the corporate world, Mengwei left banking behind and is now dedicated to growing as a musician-educator and promoting the possibilities of childhood music education among families in Jersey City.

Ming Shen has taught piano for many, many years, including to her three grown daughters.  Ming is privileged to have studied with various Suzuki Piano Basics Foundation teacher trainers across the U.S. as well as with Dr. Haruko Kataoka (co-founder of the Suzuki piano method) in Matsumoto, Japan.