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Suzuki triangle – teacher/parent/student pledge

The “Suzuki triangle” refers to cooperation among the teacher, parent (responsible adult), and student to help create the best experience possible for the studio and family. Each part of the triangle is important in its own way, and each person can learn and grow from the others.

Teacher Pledge

  • Treat each student with the utmost love and respect, understanding children’s need to be regarded as individuals and be secure in their surroundings
  • Prepare thoughtfully for lessons and events, recognizing students’ abilities and limitations and finding ways to introduce small, achievable challenges
  • Encourage students to demonstrate their potential
  • Maintain communication with students and parents on expectations and discussion of any concerns or suggestions
  • Pursue opportunities to improve teaching skill and studio programs
  • Provide support in musical and character development, as able and reasonable
  • Uphold Teacher’s Pledge to Dr. Suzuki and Aspirational Code of Ethics of the Suzuki Association of the Americas

Parent Pledge

  • I understand that it is up to me to ensure we arrive to lessons, group classes, and other events on time and ready to participate.
  • I understand that tuition is based on our participation and commitment in the overall program rather than on an “hourly rate” or actual lesson time basis.
  • In case of illness or other necessary absence, I will call or email as soon as possible. I understand that rescheduling or “making up” of lessons may be possible sometimes but is not guaranteed.
  • I understand that my young child likely needs help with taking notes and completing assignments. It is up to me to be the assistant at home and play the recording daily. I can also remind my child that our teacher says to “practice on the days we eat” (but practice is measured by quality and consistency, not quantity).
  • I understand that musical study is best a long-term commitment in my child’s education. Setting an example in learning and participating in all activities will enhance our experience.
  • I will remember to enjoy the journey and embrace small steps of progress!

Student Pledge

  • I understand that learning to play the violin or piano is a special privilege. I will do my best to come to practices and lessons with a smile and a good attitude.
  • (Violin) I understand that my violin is a valuable instrument and not a toy. I will handle my violin and bow carefully and with clean hands and always put them away in their proper place. I may tell my friends that I am not allowed to share my violin.
  • I will be respectful and cooperative with my teacher(s), parents, and other students. This includes following directions, trying new things, and being kind to one another.
  • I understand that doing my violin or piano homework every day will make learning easier and faster! Homework includes listening to the recordings, practicing 10x spots, and other assignments.
  • I understand that my teacher will ask me to learn and practice certain things in order to improve my playing and make it more fun. I can also make suggestions on what I want to learn.
  • (Write your own pledge)