Spring 2021 Schedule: Distance Learning

A local community of young musicians and their families where children’s lives can be changed through studying music

Our unique distance learning program for violin and cello, as necessitated by the global pandemic, consists of:

  • Regular online schedule of short, shared, or individual lesson times, according to age/level/availability
  • Once monthly separate lesson (outdoor/distanced – seasonal)
  • Practice chart and video exchange
  • Saturday group schedule
  • “Topic” and technique classes TBD
  • Performance and showcase events TBD

Spring 2021 online groups:
Sat 10:30-11:00 Book 1-2 & Reading
Sat 11:15-11:30 Vibrato practice
Sat 11:30-12:15 Book 2-4 including Primary Orchestra
(Book 5+ including Chamber Ensemble – TBD as needed)
Spring 2021 schedule:
See master schedule or Google calendar

(no online groups if we are meeting at the St. Paul parking lot)

May-June topic classes: Book 2-4 vibrato & reading – Mon 4:15, Tues 4:15, occasional Thurs 4:15 Book 1-2 reading practice & orchestra prep – Mon 3:30