Suzuki Violin & Cello

Distance Learning update: Aspects of pre-pandemic “close contact” lessons and groups have been adapted for the new circumstances. We hope to resume regular in-person classes in the indefinite future but in the meantime are proceeding with distance learning goals in mind:

  • Maintain personal connection and music community among students/families
  • Support varying needs regarding “curriculum” learning and social or “maintenance” playing
  • Promote developing students’ independent learning skills as appropriate for age/level
  • Use technology creatively in absence of the typical physical interactions

(Based in Jersey City – with individual lessons also available in Warren)

The full Suzuki program is centered around a weekly individual lesson and group class.  Learning to play an instrument is not easy, and under the Suzuki principle “Every Child Can”, we believe that adults should set a child up for success through consistency in environment, expectations, and encouragement.  We are also interested in developing the whole child and follow Dr. Suzuki’s hope to build up “fine human beings” who are sensitive to the world around them.

To gain a better understanding of our vision and purpose, all interested new and transfer students/parents are offered a consultation and group class observation opportunities prior to submitting a registration/deposit.

Group Classes

An arrangement of isolated private meetings with a teacher is one way to approach music lessons, but much potential is left untapped in that situation.  For children especially, seeing other children learning and playing can be a stronger motivating factor than any adult-issued directive.  Group classes promote music as a shared experience, allowing students to gain performance skills and playing confidence.

Other areas of development covered in group classes include: musicianship, theory/reading, memory and concentration training, ensemble playing, supplementary repertoire (fiddling/folk/popular music), etc.

In general, continuous enrollment is expected from September to June, similar to academic school enrollment, with tuition due per term.  Haphazard lesson commitment is disruptive to progress as well as to group class and event programming.

Warren, NJ

Individual lessons are offered in Warren, NJ at a monthly rate.  Group class attendance is recommended at least once per month, but all Jersey City programs are open to Warren students who wish to make the drive more often.