Full Studio Policy

A group class observation visit and an in-person consultation are required to determine placement.  Please take ample time to determine if the Suzuki program is right for you.  Once you have decided to move forward, enrollment is on a semester basis. Your continuous commitment from September to June is important for progress and cohesion with the studio community; students may not opt in and out per month or week or class.

Spring 2018 (Feb to June)


  • Pre-Twinkle: $50 per new family
  • Full Program: $25 per new or returning family
Jersey City Programs Base Schedule Base Tuition
Pre-Twinkle A 12 group/event days +3 extra $250
Pre-Twinkle B 12 group/event days +3 extra
1 individual lesson option
Full Program 30 30-min reserved lesson time
Group class and event schedule
$875 (sibling +$75)
Orchestra: +$75
Full Program 45 or 60 45- or 60-min reserved lesson time
Group class and event schedule
45: $250 per month (sibling +$15)
60: $330 per month (sibling +$15)
Orchestra: +$75
Visiting Students 12 group/event days +3 extra Group w/ Orchestra: $350
Group: $300
Recital: $15
Piano Contact for details Contact for details
Recital: $15
Warren Programs Contact for details

Your timely tuition payment (cash, check, Chase online payment) reserves your weekly lesson time, includes participation in most group events, and allows for continued development of studio programs. Tuition is the same regardless of the number of classes attended.

Scheduling, Absences, Make-Up Lessons, etc.

Base Schedule

The base schedule includes 35 individual lessons (during your weekly reserved time) and 25 group classes/events throughout the 10-month year of 43 weeks. Most students have the opportunity for 3-6 “extra” lessons after accounting for planned studio cancellations (expect 4-5) and emergency cancellations (expect 1-2).

Cancellations & Absences

Lessons and classes are collectively part of a long-term educational plan kept in motion by regular meetings and practice. Although some provisions are made for rescheduling, specific “make-up lessons” are not guaranteed.

  • Planned studio cancellations are “floating holidays” in lieu of a “standard” schedule of holiday closures since not everyone will observe the same holidays, school breaks, travel plans, etc.
  • Teaching hours are limited to specific days and times, and many slots are reserved for other students. Since the specific time of a missed lesson commitment cannot be recovered, student absences may be “made up” only if arrangements are made in advance* to reschedule to an available time or to switch with another family. In addition, a few “extra” weeks typically remain after studio cancellations and may be viewed as “make-up lessons” or else considered a bonus and benefit of your continuous participation.
  • Tuition is based on participation and commitment in the overall program rather than on an “hourly rate” or actual lesson time basis. Therefore, there are no tuition adjustments for missed, cancelled, rescheduled, or bonus lessons or groups.

*Proper notice for individual absences is no later than noon on the previous day. However, please make every effort to provide earlier notice as a courtesy in order to allow the time to be repurposed (for example, you may at another time be in need of an open spot or a trade with someone else).

Partial Semesters

  • Withdrawal: For students giving written notice of departure before the end of the 2nd month, a partial refund will be given.  Monthly payment students – proper notice is no later than the 20th of the previous month.
  • Extended absences: Tuition refunds are permitted through withdrawal, and students will no longer retain the privileges of continuity.  Students maintaining enrollment through an extended absence can opt for alternatives such as travel practice plans, video feedback, online coaching, etc.
  • Mid-semester enrollment: Base tuition will be adjusted for students starting mid-semester.
  • Mid-semester program changes: For Pre-Twinkle students changing classes, a portion of tuition will be credited.

Lesson Logistics

  • Please arrive a few minutes early and quietly to get ready – violin, bow, rosin, notebook, music book, etc.  Another lesson may be in progress.
  • Bathroom, snack, etc. needs should be taken care of outside the lesson time (please accompany your child for safety and to prevent exploring). Lessons generally cannot be extended after late starts.
  • Lessons should end before the child’s attention breaks down; this may sometimes be before the end of the allotted time.  If possible, lessons may sometimes be extended in order to conclude the current point.
  • Students and parents may observe other students’ lessons and attend groups of other levels.
  • Group classes – arrive 5-10 minutes early for setup and tuning.

Personally Identifiable Photos/Videos of Children

  • See separate notice regarding photo/video/audio recording of children.