New Parent FAQ

How old does my child need to be? / Is my child too old?

We accept students starting from age 3 (programs vary), and no one is too old!

What is the Suzuki method? / I’ve heard this or that about the Suzuki method.

Suzuki is known for the young age at which children can learn to play musical instruments “by ear” (the way they learn their native language) but is also a teaching philosophy that extends to other areas of child development.  We call ourselves “Suzuki teachers” in our application of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s principles of music education and nurturing the whole child while also making use of our training and experience in “other” methods.

What is the lesson schedule? / Can lessons take place in our home?

Students come to our locations in Jersey City and Warren.  This allows for back-to-back scheduling, access to necessary teaching supplies and equipment, and helping children to establish physical and psychological boundaries between lesson time and other time.  See also – Spring 2018 Schedule

Are students taught privately or in a group? (violin)

Jersey City: Most young beginners start in a group or master class where learning begins by their seeing other children playing and learning.  Through observation and gradual participation, they become aware of expectations and build up concentration ability.  Students are added to the individual lesson schedule when developmentally ready but also continue in an appropriate group level.

Warren: Individual lessons are the norm although all Jersey City programs are open to Warren students who wish to make the drive.

Young students do not necessarily develop skills more quickly or more effectively when starting with individual lessons directly. The reduction in lesson fees by starting with a group is not insubstantial, and we encourage putting this “savings” towards towards acquiring a quality instrument.

What are the rates?

Tuition is per term or per month, based on the child’s class placement, and includes all assigned lessons, group classes, and most events.  A group class observation visit and a separate in-person consultation are required to determine placement.

Group class observation: no charge
Separate consultation scheduled after class visit: no charge
Consultation before first class visit: $25, may be applied to tuition if enrolling

Are there trial classes?

An in-person consultation will allow for the child to meet us personally and for an informal assessment of his/her temperament.  All group classes and some individual lessons are also open for observation.  The Pre-Twinkle group program serves as an introductory period before committing to a schedule of individual lessons.  Shinichi Suzuki says, “It is no good to try a little and quit before anything happens” (Talent Education for Young Children).

I’m not sure if my child truly wants this?

Some children are strongly self-motivated while others are simply eager to please others.  Since children have many life decisions made for them (such is the life of a child), it is ultimately the parent who must choose, or not, to pursue music education.  Nevertheless, if it is chosen, we will then work together to “instill [in the child] the desire to learn”.

Next steps:

  • Have an initial phone discussion
  • Schedule and attend observation(s) and in-person consultation
  • Enroll in the current class session or submit deposit for the next availability